High-Quality Pet Dental Care in Palatka

Great dental hygiene can not only lead to your pet feeling confident and healthy, but can also prevent many infections and illnesses throughout the body. Dental disease impacts the teeth, gums,...
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What is Canine Parvovirus?

Canine parvovirus is a viral disease that can affect dogs of any age, but unvaccinated dogs and younger puppies are most often affected. Parvovirus, also known as parvo, can affect the...
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Compassionate Vet Care in Palatka

It’s important to find reliable, trustworthy, and compassionate vet care for your precious pet. We want to know exactly where to turn to when we have questions or when our pet...
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3 Signs to Pay Attention to in Pets

Pets are communicating with us all the time, whether we realize it or not. It’s all in the body language. Most of the time, they either want to eat, play, or...
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Welcome to River City Veterinary Hospital and Resort

Located in Palatka, Florida, our beautiful pristine facility is designed to cater to your cherished pet’s every need. We're here when you need us, whether it's for a routine checkup, a...
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